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Activities to do this October

Halloween cookies on a baking pan

October is here and the fall is in full swing. Much like the summer, there are plenty of things for you to do during the season, even though it’s not as warm! Don’t let the cooler weather keep you from doing fun things, and certainly don’t allow the month of October to be wasted by doing absolutely nothing. In this week’s Azure Villas Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions of activities you can do during the month of October!


Many think that when the summer is over, all hiking ceases, but we think that you shouldn’t let the change in season stop you from getting out into the great outdoors! In the fall, you’re able to hike in cooler weather without the threat of a scorching sun and hot weather of summer. Even though it’s cooler, we have to advise you to not forget to bring plenty of water, trail snacks, and an emergency first-aid kit!

Go to a Haunted House

Do you like to get scared? If you do, or if you know people who get scared easily, you can head to a haunted house! It’s the Halloween season, so there will be plenty of haunted houses around. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with friends and have a fun time indulging in the Halloween festivities.  


If you aren’t interested in going out, you can stay at home and break out the baking supplies! Dive into baking by making some delicious treats for your friends and family. You can bake some regular cookies or cakes, or bake some Halloween themed treats! Eat them yourself or share them with your loved ones, and remember, don’t indulge too much!


Do you have anything you like to do during October? Share them with our Pembroke Pines, FL apartment community by leaving a comment!