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Halloween Costume Ideas for a Fun Holiday

Two individuals dressed like zombies for Halloween


Get ready for the magic and delightful fright of Halloween by preparing a costume you can be proud of here in Pembroke Pines, FL. Today the Azure Villas Blog has suggestions for some fun and creative costumes you can sport in your apartment, at work or school, or out on the town this Halloween season.


Movie Theater Floor

Dress in all black and attach popcorn, old movie tickets, and empty candy wrappers all over your outfit to complete this theatrical look. Bonus: If you spill something on yourself at the party, it won't matter!


Pumpkin Pi

Embrace your inner nerd with this clever costume. Attach a mini faux pumpkin to a headband and print out the Greek letter pi, or cut one out of felt, and glue the symbol to an orange T-shirt. Now you're nerdy and punny!


Deviled Egg

Dress in all white and attach a yellow circle of felt to your stomach. Add devil horns and a tail to turn yourself into a "deviled" egg.


The Bachelorette

Throw on your fanciest dress, grab a bouquet of roses (real or fake) and go around the party asking people if they “will accept this rose”. If you are a guy, you can pull off the bachelor by putting on a tux or your nicest suit and doing the same.


Optimus Prime

This may take a bit more work than the other costumes, but it’ll be so worth it! From The Transformers, Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots and has the ability to disguise himself into a big rig truck at will. Put in some time and you’ll leave an impact wherever you go!


What are you planning on dressing up as for Halloween? What’s your favorite costume or your favorite place to get them? Let us know in the comments below! We hope you have fun preparing and wearing your costume or otherwise celebrating fall this month.