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Instagram Photo Tips

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Are you active on Instagram? If you are, you’ve probably scrolled through some Instagram accounts that have caught your eye due to how good their photos look. In order to help you up your Instagram game, we’re sharing some photo tips to consider when you’re taking photos for your instagram feed in this week’s Azure Villas Blog.  


Have you ever looked at a photo and wondered why it’s so appealing to you? There are plenty of factors that lead to you enjoying a photograph but those photos are usually composed well. Learning how positioning your subject affects the overall product can make your photos more pleasing to viewers and highlight your subject in unique ways. If you need a good introduction to composition, learn more about the Rule of Thirds!  


How light interacts with your camera and subject will change your final product drastically. The photography industry has a variety of jargon to describe how light interacts and it can take a long time to master, which is why we recommend practicing as much you can and experiment with how you can utilize light. Lighting can alter the mood of a photo, accentuate features, and set the tone. If you want to get some photos with good lighting, you can try taking shots during the ‘golden hours’ shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset.   


As much as we’d like to believe that the photos we see on Instagram are just beautifully photographed, there’s probably a little more work that goes into curating those photos. Editing is a big part of what makes certain Instagram accounts so great. Many photographers and influencers spend time editing their photos to make sure they accentuate certain aspects of photos. Get yourself a photo editing program and play around with the settings to find what works best for you! You’ll be able to produce some awesome Instagram worthy photos in no time!


Get out there and take some great photos! If you’ve got some photo tips, let our Pembroke Pines, FL apartment community know of them by leaving a comment.