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Thanksgiving Meal Tips

A Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving, the time of year where family and friends gather together to share a meal. Lots can go on during this time, both good and bad. To avoid tensions and ensure that you’re having a great time with the people you love the most, we’ve got a few tips for you in this week’s Azure Villas Blog. We hope these tips help you survive the holidays!

Use a Smaller Plate

Many people start the day of Thanksgiving thinking they’re not going to overeat, but by the end of the day, they’re on the couch, with a belly full of food and regretting it. To combat this potential eventuality, we suggest using a smaller plate. Small plates restrict how much food you can put on your plate. Less on your plate means less you’re going to have to force your body to finish before the night is through. A smaller plate also tricks your mind into thinking you’re eating a lot of food, when in reality, you’re eating a significantly smaller amount than when you pile food onto a big plate.  

Avoid Controversial Topics

Keeping the peace is an important part of enjoying the holidays. In order to maintain the peace, we recommend avoiding hot-button issues and any political talk. These types of topics are emotionally charged and can be the catalyst in rising tensions and anger. Instead of bringing up those topics, you can reminisce about the good old days or ask them how their life is. If you feel a sensitive or controversial topic is arising, do your best to divert the conversation or, if they’ve already started, remove yourself from the conversation. It’s better to walk away than make things worse.

Express Thanks

If you’re unable to think of things to talk about, you can always express thanks. It is Thanksgiving, making it the perfect time to vocalize the things and people you’re thankful for. If you have any anecdotes about those you’re wanting to thank, express those in a heartfelt manner. If those who you wish to thank are in attendance, your vocalization is sure to strike a chord with them. 


Do you have any ways you survive the holidays? Share them with our Pembroke Pines, FL apartment community by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading.